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Verizon certification suggests HTC U12 is right around the corner with ‘frame less’ display

Admin April 26, 2018

Commercially releasing a new high-end smartphone in the US before Taiwan would certainly be an unusual move for the latter country’s pride and joy, but the HTC U12 may see daylight on Verizon soon enough after obtaining certification for America’s largest wireless network.
The same “open development” portal that recently hinted at 128 and 256GB Galaxy S9 support on Big Red has now revealed the U12 is coming with a “frame less” display in tow, as well as proprietary technologies like USonic and Sense Companion.

Unfortunately, the product listing appears to be riddled with errors, including outdated Cat 12 LTE compatibility when in fact the Snapdragon 845 processor raises the mobile download speed bar to the Cat 18 standard.

The handset’s depiction is clearly inaccurate too, acting as a U11-borrowed placeholder, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the rest of the info is incorrect. It’s entirely possible the U12 (or rather U12+) will indeed adopt a “frame less” Super WQHD LCD 6 screen with Gorilla Glass protection, and the 3500 mAh battery capacity listed on Verizon’s website is mostly in line with the rumored cell size.

We also fully expect the HTC U12 (Plus) to run Android 8.0 out the box, and support Bluetooth 5.0 while resisting water and dust contact with IP68 certification. So, yeah, you can consider these specs essentially etched in stone now.


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